Monday, 13 February 2012

Holocaust denial

What is Holocaust denial?

Holocaust denial is a historical and political movement which denies the central features of the accepted historical account of the Nazi genocide against the Jews which was perpetrated between approximately 1941 and 1945.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Great Political Mistakes - Thatcher and the poll tax

This is a documentary that was first broadcast on BBC4 in 2005.

Portillo on Thatcher - The Lady's not for Spurning

This is a BBC4 documentary from 2009 presented by the former Tory minister Michael Portillo.  The programme comes across as being a little lightweight, though Portillo enjoys enviable access to a range of senior Tories, including David Cameron, Ken Clarke and Michael Howard.

Islamism - A couple of further comments

1.  Shi'a Islamism

In my earlier post on Islamism, I focused on Sunni Islamism.  I want to add a few comments on the phenomenon of Shi'a Islamism, as associated with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The debate on Britishness

One of the more unusual features of the last decade in politics was a debate on British identity and "Britishness".  Though this has to a large extent been eclipsed by the financial crisis and the recession, it is worth reflecting on how the debate arose and what emerged from it.