Sunday, 22 October 2017

Sappho - Three Poems

Fragment 1 – A Prayer to Aphrodite

Louis XVI in the White House?

What is the driving force behind the alt-right?  The obvious answer is that the alt-right is the modern iteration of traditional American white supremacism.  The fact that these guys associate themselves with the symbols of the Confederacy and march with the KKK is something of a giveaway.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

The Ted Heath report

It seems that the police investigation into Sir Edward Heath has found only a rather small amount of evidence to substantiate the claim that he was a child abuser.  He may still have been guilty, of course, but this isn't even close to the Jimmy Savile case.  Yet, lest it be overlooked, today's report did contain this interesting statement about the allegedly asexual bachelor at paragraph 8.28.2:
Witnesses who were interviewed by investigators from Operation Conifer offered different opinions about Sir Edward Heath’s sexuality.  However two witnesses, who have not disclosed abuse, provided evidence that he was sexually active with consenting adults during parts of his life.